Utopia Care

Our Rating

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Price


-Both for barbershop and home use
-Chrome plated and rust-free
-Gives a smooth and close shave


– Replacement blades wear out quickly
– Replacing blades can be tricky

Technical Details:

  1. Size: 8 x 2 x 0.5 inches

  2. Weight: 1 ounce

  3. Color: Chrome

  4. Material: Brass with chrome finish

  5. Type: Shavette/Barber razor with replaceable blades

  6. Versatility: For shaving long/short beards, mustaches, neck hair

Shaving with a straight razor can be a simple pleasure or a real pain depending on the quality of razor you choose. A straight razor that’s not well designed can cause razor burn, red bumps, and little cuts. The product you pick should have flexibility, durability and sit firmly in your hand. You may think that a big price-tag goes along with everything mentioned, but you’d be surprised. The model that provides all this doesn’t have to be expensive. The Utopia Care straight edge barber razor is a great example; for a measly price it offers a lot. This is an excellent low-cost option for both home and barbershop use.

Design and features


This model has a simple design to it that’s reminiscent of vintage straight razors. This model is made from chrome-plated brass, which helps avoid rust and provides long-term performance. The choice of material can make this razor look or feel cheap for some people. Since the blades are disposable, there’s no need for stainless steel; you won’t be honing the edge.


For longevity, this model has a simple blade cover that flips into place. This mechanism is intuitive, but sometimes it can take a bit of patience to replace dull blades. The grip of this razor, although bare, seems to fit in your hands well, and doesn’t slip. Since it’s not too big, you can maneuver and shave with ease. For those of you that have larger hands, you might find this straight razor’s handle smaller than usual. But, there is an advantage to having a smaller grip, it makes this shavette more maneuverable.


If you have a particular preference for blades, this straight razor can take single edge blades from other manufacturers as well. To use this straight razor with double edge blades, you can split them in half or put them in one piece, both methods work. During our review, we only tried shaving with the included Derby blades, but to make sure both double and single edge blades can fit, we successfully put them into place.

Our Experience

For the price, the Utopia Care Barber Razor gives a great close and smooth shave. The blades sit firmly in their place, even though it sometimes takes a while to replace them. We tested this product with both short and longer facial hair. It performed well on our tests in both situations, but we prefer it for shaving smaller growth.

When it comes to doing details, we didn’t have trouble with edges and shaving around the nose and jawline. This might be due to our experience with straight razors, though. If you already have an electric beard trimmer, you can use this barber razor to make crisp lines during detail work. That way, the pack of 100 blades can last for months and months.

One of the downsides that come along with such a great deal is the pack of replacement blades. In our experience, they tended to get dull after a few shaves. Sometimes they even felt dull after just one. Your mileage may vary depending on the type of facial hair that you have, as well as how long it gets before shaving. For perspective, using a standard cartridge shaver will give the same results most of the time.

If you want to try out shaving with a straight razor, then we can’t recommend this one enough, it’s the best for beginners. It won’t empty your wallet, but it will be a great first purchase. You can learn to shave with it, and it will last you a long time thanks to its simple design and a large pack of replacement blades.


The first thing you will notice about the Utopia Care Barber Razor is its price.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is the best product among those we reviewed and tested. Short of purchasing a straight razor blade, this is the best way to shave if you’re on a budget. What’s more, there is a set of 100 Derby blades included in the package so that you won’t run out of replacements anytime soon.

The downsides aren’t limited to this straight razor, but to most that come with a similar price-tag. This model can feel cheap, and the blade cover can be tricky to use. Other than that it did a good job. Overall, we consider this the best options for beginners, but also recommend it to anybody who doesn’t want to spend lots of money.