Braun Series 7 790cc-4

Our Rating

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Price


– Easy automatic cleaning
– Perfect for shaving around contours
– Long battery life
– Excellent shaving performance


– High Price
– Requires cleaning cartridges

Braun has a long history of making well-designed and high-quality products for personal care. Their Series 7 790cc-4 model continues this tradition and is the best Braun electric shaver that we tried out. This model comes with powerful functions and features that will cover most needs. The design is pleasing both in terms of looks and ergonomics. Furthermore, the cleaning system is excellent, and the experience of shaving is wholly satisfying.


If you’re concerned with ergonomics, you’ll be glad to hear that Braun has paid close attention this aspect of design. The shaver sits nicely in your hand and is lightweight. Even though there’s a high powered motor in this unit, there is almost no transfer of vibrations. When it comes to looks, this model comes in black and gray colors. The shaver itself is two-tone while the charging station is black. Both the station and shaver have blue lighting, which adds a nice, elegant touch.

Technical Details:

  1. Shaver Type: Foil Head

  2. Battery Type: Li-lon

  3. Charge / Shaving Time: 1 hour / 50 minutes

  4. Wet / Dry Shaving: Only dry

  5. Operation: Cordless & Corded

  6. Includes: Cleaning unit, cleaning cartridge (denatured alcohol), travel case, shaver, and electric cord



Clean & Charge Station

To clean this shaver, all you have to do leave it in the station and hit a button to start the process. This station cleans, lubricates and charges the 790cc-4, so you don’t have to. The Quick clean option takes about half a minute, while the most thorough option takes up to forty minutes. If you want to, you can clean the head by hand as well. The cleaning solution has alcohol, so it kills most germs while leaving a pleasant lemon scent.


LCD Screen

On the bottom of this shaver, there is an LCD screen. This screen indicates battery levels and hygiene levels. If both of these indicators are full when the shaver is on its station, it will go into standby mode.


Cordless & Corded operation

This shaver works both with and without a cord. If you want to travel light, you can use the electric cord included with this shaver and leave the cleaning station at home. This offers a degree of versatility that’s appreciated by anyone who needs a portable shaver.

Shaving performance

The Braun model comes with a lot of features and functions that help provide a closer and better shave. For instance, this model can increase power when it comes reaches denser hair. There are three different shave modes for different parts of your face and various types of hair. The settings are extra sensitive, normal and intense. They can help you minimize skin irritation and help shave thicker facial hair.

Another useful feature is the ability of this shaver to lift flat hairs around the neck and chin. This is a great addition if your hairs curl or tend to flatten out. Besides that, the cutting elements or this unit are flexible and the head pivots. As a result, you can get a close shave even when dealing with contours and bends. You won’t miss any hard to reach spots because this Braun follows the shape of your face better than any other foil shaver. Finally, this model comes with a pop-up trimmer that works well for sideburns and mustaches. All these features result in an impressive performance each time.


The Braun Series 7 790cc-4 is the best electric shaver for men on our test for a multitude of different reasons. It offers features and functions that make shaving quite the experience. The cleaning station included comes at a cost, but offers a considerable amount of convenience if you don’t have time to clean your shaver. You can reduce this cost by cleaning the shaver every other day, or by also using hand cleaning.

However, manual maintenance can be tricky because the shaving foils and blades are in one piece. Because some of the cleaning liquid can evaporate over time, if you’re not using the station, you can remove the cartridge and put its cap back on. With everything said, it isn’t for every budget because of its price, but it’s an impressive unit nonetheless.


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