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For begginers, many things on this site may be confusing and if they are, be sure to send us all of your questions that you have in mind.  We are obliged to answer them, and we will answer them happily because anyone who wants to grow a beard is already okay with us! Post the question if it is related to topic only, and the answer will come to each and every reader who decides to ask us. Answering all of the questions takes time, so you might have to wait awhile, but the answer will come, no matter what time of the day or night or week is. Our goal is to provide a clear answer to anyone who asks us something relevant. If we weren’t entirely clear on some part of the site, you could ask us or send us your reviews. We won’t reply to jokes or harsh content so in that case, don’t send us messages with that content. We focus primarily on those who ask us relevant questions. The question has to be valid.