Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1

Our Rating

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Price


– Easy to clean
– Waterproof 100%
– Small and maneuverable
– Good value at an affordable price
– Comes with organizer


– AA batteries can run out of power quickly
– Not for long beards (over 6mm)
– Can struggle with long and thick facial hair

Gillette finally has an answer for those of you who like to have less grooming products and accessories. For everyone that likes to combine functions, they’ve come up with the Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1.

This model is a razor, trimmer, and edger. With it, you can trim your body hair, beard, mustache or sideburns, do edging, and get a clean shave. This model offers all these functions in one small and powerful package. If you want to have the best waterproof beard trimmer that’s cordless, you should get this device.

Along with this well-designed trimmer comes the history and reliability of one of the biggest brands in the business. The Gillette name has been the leader in men’s grooming and shaving products for decades. But, that’s not all. At the heart of this model lies a motor from Braun. Braun has a long history of designing world-class products for hair removal and grooming.

Technical Details:

  1. Cutting length: Shaving, 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm

  2. Ease of use: 100% waterproof and washable

  3. Versatility: For shaving, shorter beards, mustaches and body hair

  4. Shaving time: Around 45 minutes with a high-quality AA battery

  5. Includes: 1 Trimmer, 1 ProGlide Power Cartridge, three combs, one AA battery, and an organizer stand


This trimmer from Gillette has a slim and appealing design that comes in blue and black. The ProGlide Styler has indentations along most of its length which offer better grip.

The head is narrower than most trimmers which improves shaving precision, but it’s not ideal for shaving big areas quickly.




The convenience of having a cordless trimmer is priceless, and it doesn’t need charging either. This trimmer takes on AA battery that can keep it running for a long time depending on how much you use it. But to make sure you don’t end up with half a beard, you should always have spare batteries for this model.



Fans of waterproof trimmers will love the this styler. It is safe for use in the shower, and once you’re done with it, you can wash it. To clean it, all you have to do is move the trimmer blade before putting it under running water.


Dermatologist Approved

This model is approved by dermatologists. It is the best beard trimmer for sensitive skin and body hair grooming as a result.


This model comes with three different size combs. These combs enable you to groom your facial hair to three different lengths. Unfortunately, Gillette has decided to mark each comb with just “1”, “2”, and “3”. When measured, these are about 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm in length, respectively.

With these combs, you can do everything from a close shave to light beard. If not using any combs, this trimmer gives something between a shave and 1mm pass, which is good for edging.

Included in the package with other attachments is a two-sided head. One side has Fusion ProGlide Power Blades and the other a ProGlide Precision Edging Blade. You can make sharp lines with this accessory, but also add finishing touches. While doing the best beard trimmers for men reviews, we found that these blades work better than similar razors. Other than this attachment, you won’t need anything else for shaving.

When the blades become dull, you can change the cartridge and continue with shaving. If you’re not sure when to put in new blades, there’s a strip that indicates this.


The Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1 is a product that answers a particular set of needs. It excels at shaving and light trimming for both facial and body hair. You can use it in the shower and wash it without fear of damaging it. This model is an ideal choice if you want to combine trimmer and razor blade functions. The ProGlide Styler is compact, easy to use, and has a separate stand for storage.

On the other hand, if you have a thick or long beard, this isn’t the trimmer for you. Its small size and battery power means it can get clogged when dealing with long or thick facial hair. You will also need to keep spare batteries on hand.


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